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Drug Addiction Recovery Center is the first step in the drug addiction recovery process.  

  • Nationwide network of the top rated in-patient and out-patient drug & alcohol addiction treatment facilities.  Our rehab centers accept most insurance plans.
  • 24 / 7 / 365 live phone support with professional addiction specialists. The information you share when you call is completely private and our addiction specialists have seen and dealt with the most extreme circumstances you can imagine.  Don’t be afraid to be transparent about your situation when you call. They are there to help.
  • The most comprehensive collection of medical research, legal news, and advice for dealing with friends or family battling addiction, advice for dealing with your own addiction, and much more…

Who does the Drug Addiction Recovery Center serve?

  • Individuals seeking recovery from substance abuse addiction of all kinds.  From methamphetamine to alcohol to heroin to marijuana, we have the experts and resources to get you back on the road to recovery.
  • Parents.  Learning your child is addicted to or abusing drugs can be one of the most challenging situations a parent has to deal with.  It’s not easy and we know it’s not but we are here to help.  Ignoring the situation can be extremely dangerous in some situations, especially if your child or teenager is abusing hard drugs. Regardless, there is hope and we can help.
  • Husbands & Wifes.  Being involved in a marriage when a spouse is battling drug addiction is a very challenging situation to come to terms with.  If you are seeking help for your husband or wife, call us today for advice. We have experience dealing with all kinds of family situations.
  • Counselors, Employers, Teachers.   If you teach, counsel, or manage employees, there is a good chance that one of your students or employees is battling some sort of addiction.  It might seem easier in your situation to ignore the situation but you are doing the right thing by planning your method of addressing the situation.  If you ignore the situation and something were to happen, you don’t want to find yourself wondering if things might have been different if…  If you are in this situation, call our counselors for advice on what you can morally and legally do.
  • Friends. Have you recently learned about a loved one’s substance addiction?  Do you miss the ‘old’ version of him/her?  We are here to help you get your old friend back. Call our addiction counselors to discuss ideas for dealing with your friend’s situation.


We Can’t Promise it Will Be Easy… But it Will Be Worth It


The rewards of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction are vast and include better health, stronger relationships, steady employment and living with purpose. Our goal at the Drug Addiction Recovery Center is to help people reclaim their lives. It takes courage to get help for a substance abuse disorder, and addiction is not easy to overcome alone, but it can be done.

Talk with us in confidence about what you’re going through. Or let us help your loved ones. Our professional, compassionate addiction counselors are available 24/7 to help you find the right care or to offer advice on an ideal manner of going about dealing with the situation.

We accept most major insurance providers and if you or your loved one has insurance, you may not even have to pay out of pocket.  That includes the latest, evidence-based treatment approaches and aftercare programs that give you the best chance for real recovery.

Our rehab centers provide the latest, evidence-based treatment approaches and aftercare programs that give you the best chance for real recovery.

We Accept Most Insurances

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Why Drug Addiction Recovery Center?

Track Record

Our rehab facilities have helped thousands of individuals and families recover from drug and alcohol addiction.


With the best modern rehabilitation practices available today, we have had success with some of the most extreme cases.


We accept most major insurance carriers and there may not be out of pocket expense to obtain rehab services.   Call us today to see if your insurance is accepted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are researching drug rehab options for yourself or your family member, you likely have many questions.  For comprehensive answers to your questions, please call one of our rehabilitation specialists at 855-837-0549.

What kind of patients do you work with?

We accept anybody who has drug addiction problems who is ready to start a new way of life.

What types of drug addiction do you specialize in?

We work with people who have the most serious addiction issues.  Our patients include methamphetamine addicts, heroin addicts, alcohol addicts, marijuana addicts, prescription painkiller addicts, and more.

How much does drug rehab cost?

We accept most major insurance carriers and there may not be out of pocket expense to obtain rehab services.   Call us today to see if your insurance is accepted.


I’ve tried three other treatment centers and was unsuccessful with all of them. This place I not only finished treatment successfully, but I actually don’t want to leave yet.

Dallas Rehab Facility

Overall this was the best thing I have done for myself and my future. I feel great about everything. My resolve in this matter is very strong. All my needs were met more than I expected and will continue a happy and sober life using the tools that I have gained.

Miami Rehab Facility

I learned so much valuable insight not only to addiction, but to myself as well. The knowledge, insight and wonderful relationships with fellow addicts that I will never forget. The best gift I’ve ever given myself is coming to The Right Step.

New York Rehab Facility

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